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Mousepad on desk
  • Control XL Mousepad

    Mighty Setup Control XL Mousepad
    Introducing the Mighty Setup Control XL Mousepad – the optimum accessory for elite users and high-competitive gamers who value precision, speed, and versatility on their mousepads.
    With its expansive size of 450x400, it offers ample room for any gaming or working setup.
    Garbled jacquard cloth surface:
    This unique texture guarantees precise control and smooth gliding, lending an exceptional experience that caters to more controlled movements on the mousepad.



    Size: 450 mm x 400mm x 4mm

    Garbled Jacquard Cloth surface, ensures an elegant texture for consistent mouse glide, perfect for Esport gamers.

    The Deskmat's base is composed of anti-slip polyurethane foam, providing high stability during intensive gaming sessions.

    Stitched Edge:
    2mm stitched edges enhance aesthetics while increasing durability, preventing fraying for prolonged use.

    • Mouse Pad Maintenance

      Addressing Mouse Pad Curling

      Curling often occurs in mouse pads that have been tightly rolled for packaging. To remedy this, here are some steps:

      • Use a hairdryer or iron to gently apply heat to the curled areas of the mouse pad. Remember to avoid excessive heat; a medium setting is ideal.
      • Place a protective layer, such as a cloth, over the mouse pad before ironing.
      • Iron both sides of the mouse pad as you would with garments, ensuring that steam is being emitted from the iron.
      • Monitor the mouse pad's flattening progress and repeat the process as necessary.

      Caution: These steps should be undertaken based on individual judgment. We do not hold responsibility for any potential damage.

      Enhancing Mouse Pad Stability

      For optimal use of your gaming mouse pad:

      • Clean your desk to eliminate dust, which ensures the mouse pad lays flat and stable.

      • To improve the grip of the mouse pad, lightly moisten a cloth and wipe the pad's bottom. This enhances the pad's grip, preventing unwanted movement.

      • For extra stability, especially with Elite Mousepads:

      • Regular maintenance and cleaning can significantly enhance the pad's grip and overall functionality.
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