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Mousepad on desk
  • Armory Girl Mousepad

    Description: The Armory Girl Deskpad brings to life a tale of the future where technology and human strength are one. Featuring an animated girl armed with a futuristic weapon that intriguingly incorporates a computer keyboard, this artwork comes in three distinct color variations.Just as effortlessly as your mouse glides across this elite deskpad, the Armory Girl navigates her digital world, armored in her G-Suit, breaking quantum barriers with personal mobility. It's not just a mousepad, it's a visual narrative of a not-so-distant future, quietly transforming your workspace into an imaginative battleground.Specification:


    Size: 900mm x 400mm x 4mmSurface:Garbled Jacquard Cloth surface, ensures an elegant texture for consistent mouse glide, perfect for Esport gamers.Bottom:The Deskmat's base is composed of anti-slip polyurethane foam, providing high stability during intensive gaming sessions.

    Stitched Edge:2mm stitched edges enhance aesthetics while increasing durability, preventing fraying for prolonged use.

    • Mouse Pad Maintenance

      Addressing Mouse Pad Curling

      Curling often occurs in mouse pads that have been tightly rolled for packaging. To remedy this, here are some steps:

      • Use a hairdryer or iron to gently apply heat to the curled areas of the mouse pad. Remember to avoid excessive heat; a medium setting is ideal.
      • Place a protective layer, such as a cloth, over the mouse pad before ironing.
      • Iron both sides of the mouse pad as you would with garments, ensuring that steam is being emitted from the iron.
      • Monitor the mouse pad's flattening progress and repeat the process as necessary.

      Caution: These steps should be undertaken based on individual judgment. We do not hold responsibility for any potential damage.

      Enhancing Mouse Pad Stability

      For optimal use of your gaming mouse pad:

      • Clean your desk to eliminate dust, which ensures the mouse pad lays flat and stable.

      • To improve the grip of the mouse pad, lightly moisten a cloth and wipe the pad's bottom. This enhances the pad's grip, preventing unwanted movement.

      • For extra stability, especially with Elite Mousepads:

      • Regular maintenance and cleaning can significantly enhance the pad's grip and overall functionality.
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