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Akuma TKL Keyboard
  • Akuma TKL Keyboard

    Akuma, in other words, Devil.

    Layout: 80% (TKL WK F13 / TKL WKL F13)
    Structure: Leaf spring mounting system with option for top mount
    PCB: Hotswapable, Flex Cut, 1.2 mm thickness, RGB underglow, QMK firmware, Daughterboard Case: Aluminium Top and Bottom case
    Case colour: Black / E - White / Purple / Gray / Blue / Red
    Typing angle: 6.9°
    Plate material: Aluminium/Polycarbonate/PVD Brass
    Tape Mod: Designed
    Weight bar: PVD Brass, PVD Brass Laser, PVD Brass Black
    Size: Front height: 17mm; Front typing height: 20mm; Back height: 39mm
    Weight: Estimated 3kg

    Package includes:
    Aluminum Top and Bottom case x1
    Weight bar x1
    PCB x1 (include USB Daughter Board x1, stab shims x1)
    Plate x1 PCB
    foam x1 Case foam x1
    Switch pad x1
    Silicone socks set x1
    Designed tape mod x1
    Akuma Themed card x1
    Rubber feet x1

    ISO Version now available at Swedish Vendors:

    More information about the keyboard can be found here:
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